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Fine Tibetan Rugs for any Decorative requirement. We provide a range of middle to upper-end quality, hand-knotted carpets/rugs. All our carpets/Rugs are made of superior materials and reflect old-world craftsmanship.

We are also happy to assist you in the creation of your own custom designed rug. "Best of Tibet" endeavors to uplift the socio-economic conditions of its workforce.

Best of Tibet assures it's valued patrons and clients; that in the process of making it's beautiful rugs, there are no children employed. There is a strict Nepalese law, making anyone under the age of 18, ineligible to work in the industry.

Now for the first time we have the facility to make 30' x 40' Rugs.

Check out this exclusive Non-Flying carpet designed by acclaimed New York Design Studio, SERGIO MANNINO STUDIO.

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