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Custom Design

1st Step: Choosing a design

Here, at Best of Tibet we have infinite number of designs that you can choose from. Contact us and our representative will get you started.

Best of Tibet can create a custom designed hand knotted rug to fit any space with no extra burden on your budget.

2nd Step: Getting the right colors

Choosing the right colors is not an easy task and can be cumbersome. But here at Best of Tibet we make this process very simple as we maintain a color scheme with 1400 different colors of accurately dyed wool to ensure a perfect match to your paint swatches and fabric samples.

Once the design and colors are finalized, we will mail you a digital image of your rug.

Rugs Colors

3rd Step: Choosing the best Fibers

We use many different natural fibers.

    1. Tibetan Wool
    2. New Zealand wool
    3. Alloe
    4. Hemp
    5. Banana silk
    6. Linen
    7. Sunpath
    8. Silk

4th Step: Production

After the design process is complete and approved by you we will request a nominal advance.

We will then put your one-of-a-kind hand-knotted rug in production.

Contact us today for more information.